Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pink Week! (Day Three) .....

If you love pink, why not plant a pink garden?! Imagine blossoms boasting various shades of pink greeting you when you look out the window. Whether your yard is mostly sunny or shady you can still have a pink garden. I found a binder of garden ideas my mother in law gave me that had some suggestions. Here they are:

*Bulbs- Bearded Iris 'Beverly Sills' (coral summer flowers, 3 ft; zones 3-9) and Tulip 'Big Chief' (rich pink spring blooms, 2 ft; zones 3-8)
*Shrubs-Tree Peony (pink spring and summer blooms, 7 ft; zones 4-8), Camellia 'Inspiration' (pink blooms from fall to spring, 12 ft; zones 7-9) and Spirea 'Little Princess' (small, rose-pink summer flowers, 1-2 ft; zones 4-9).
*Annuals- English Daisies (double pink or white summer flowers, 6 inches; all zones)
*Perennials- Baby's Breath 'Pink Fairy' (clouds of pink flowers, 2 ft; zones 3-9 and Phlox 'Brigadier' (deep pink summer flowers, 4 ft; zones 4-8).

And then there are roses. Pink roses are in abundance from hybrid to ground covers. Visit Jackson and Perkins to view their selection. The Kimberlina Floribunda Rose was named the winner of Floribunda Rose of Year for 2009.

I know I only mentioned a handful of flowers, but I'm sure a trip to the garden center or through a seed catalog will encourage your dreams of a pink garden to grow.


Cottage Rose said...

wow a all Pink flower garden, I would love to dig up a spot for just that. And now with the name of the flowers you so kindly shared I know what to get. Thanks so all I need now is Spring to show up. lol


TexasGrammie said...

I love pink and am so looking forward to winter being behind me so I can get out into my garden once again. I miss the flowers of spring, summer and fall!! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas of adding more pink to my garden.