Saturday, August 8, 2009


So,....... we haven't found a house yet and are not expecting an addition anytime soon, but I wanted to share a gorgeous find. I Googled something and discovered Bella Notte's Melissa collection. While I would have to sell an organ or two to afford some of the pieces, I thought one day I'd like to use something like this in a little girl's room. The fabric is so beautiful and comes in many different colors. If you do have the funds and want to splurge here is one store that carries it: Layla Grayce.

Enjoy the pictures and click on them to get a closer look.


lavender22518 said...

Hi Mo!!

I just found your blog... I was clicking on links and well, you know how clicking leads you to all sorts of fun places!! I just bought a cottage home in Visalia and I own the website I have been having fun reading your past blog posts! I would love to start my own blog soon also. You have a wonderful day and say hi sometime!!


Mo said...

Love your creations Catherine! You should definitely create a blog!